Invent Trails

Equip your team to bid projects faster

We're transforming your bidding process from suppliers to construction.

We're aware of your big problem

Paper bids slow you down

You've lost business because a bid was late.

Spend less time on bids

More time at your desk is less time in the field overseeing workers and managing the jobs. Build your bids in minutes.

Stay on top of your game

GCs oftentimes go with the first bid. Respond to their RFPs with detailed estimates while you're in the field. Powered with AI.

Take control from your suppliers

Track price increases across jobs. Shop new suppliers when prices increase. Bolster your company's bottom line.

A team dedicated to more efficient construction

We've heard the pain of losing out on business, fumbling through emails, change-orders on your projects, and other inefficiencies. We passionately help you win projects and manage costs to bolster your bottom line.Who are we? We're Invent Trails.

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